News18 Tamil Nadu presents Operation J.J

News18 Tamil Nadu presents Operation J.J

The special episode will unmask the complex medical procedures on how former Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa had died at Apollo hospitals on 5th December 2016.  Our package is based on the affidavits filed before Justice Arumugasamy Commission of Inquiry by her close aide Sasikala and the doctors who treated the former CM at the private hospital in Chennai. 

News18 special investigation team has culled out the appropriate and relevant content from the voluminous reports submitted before the Arumugaswamy commission. 

The aim to be get the best quality output that had never appeared in any regional channels. Voice over by Bahubali fame artist have been seamlessly fused along with the enactments as howJayalaitha had lived originally.  

Why Jayalithaa? 

Even three years after her death, most of the AIADMK party cadre and the common public still have several doubts about the death of the iron lady. Moreover, Jayalalithaa continues to be a connecting point to the Tamils. We have throwed light on this interesting issue, which concerns one and all. It may provoke a fresh conversation in the public domain. Watch the show exclusively on News18 Tamilnadu.

Original- Episode 1 Saturday, July 20th, 7.00 pm & 11.00 pm

Original- Episode 2 Saturday, July 27th, 7.00 pm & 11.00 pm