NIIT announces multiple new-age career opportunities

NIIT announces multiple new-age career opportunities

NIIT announces multiple new-age career opportunities under ReVOLUTION GNIIT

To offer future-ready career programs in Banking, Digital Marketing & Social Media, e-Commerce, Cloud Computing, Analytics & IT

Chennai, May 07, 2014: NIIT, leading Global Talent Development Corporation today announced the launch of ‘ReVOLUTION GNIIT’- a path-breaking GNIIT program that maximises career opportunities for class XII and college students by offering a range of future-ready courses in -Banking and Finance, Digital Marketing and Social Media, Cloud & Mobile Software Engineering, Big Data and Business Analytics, e-Commerce & Business Administration and Cloud Computing & IT Management.

For the first time ever, this offers students the flexibility to choose options from a range of multiple new-age career programs, aligned to the evolving needs of the knowledge economy. The industry endorsed new GNIIT program enables students to acquire necessary skills to aspire for new-age jobs and professions. Furthermore, well-structured communication & professional skills combined with a year of professional practice helps create well–rounded professionals.

The new curriculum lays emphasis on industry specific competencies with higher exposure to hands-on practical knowledge. The programs can be pursued along with graduation, thus giving students the benefit of dual certification.

Furthermore, the new GNIIT program opens up exciting exit profiles like – Data analysts, Retail Banking professionals, e-business operations executive, e-Commerce specialist, social media specialist, SEO specialist, Data Web Traffic analyst, Mobile App development, Cloud Application Developer and Software Tester to name a few.

Speaking on the occasion Amitabh Lahiri, President, Career Building Solutions, NIIT Ltd. said “Over the years GNIIT has played a key role in creating a pool of trained professionals for today’s globalized knowledge economy. It has been our constant endeavor at NIIT, to introduce programs which prepare students to take on best global career opportunities.

Continuing with the commitment, we now launch new-age ReVOLUTION GNIIT which will provide flexibility to students to choose from a range of careers as per their interests and career goals.” The ReVOLUTION GNIIT program aims to strengthen the basic communication and professional skills of students by breaking the core syllabus for each program and spreading it across all the semesters.

GNIIT in Big Data & Business Analytics not only enables students to understand the science behind data management and develop rich Business Intelligence but also helps them acquire the new-age skills on the latest analytics tools and techniques. The banking Industry is expected to double its business to USD 2 trillion over the next 5 years and GNIIT in Banking & Finance prepares undergraduates for various functional roles in BFSI sector.

The program covers modern-day banking, insurance and financial services by developing competencies in 4 dimensions - domain, technology, application and customer-service. GNIIT in e-Commerce & Business Management allow youth to acquire knowledge and skills required in prominent business functions to manage different processes of an e-business.

The program in Digital Marketing & Social Media enables students to develop creative, technical and business competencies to empower their career as digital marketers. GNIIT in Cloud and Mobile Software Engineering enables aspirants to acquire the essentials skills to develop various applications like web, mobile and cloud using prominent technology platforms.

NIIT Cloud CampusTM enables students to learn from the best teachers irrespective of their geographical location. They can also get hands-on practice through lab exercises in machine rooms at the NIIT centres. It has an innovative ‘Anywhere Lab’ feature, which allows students to practice the application of concepts learnt in class, from any part of the globe, while chatting with experts to seek answers to their queries.

Cloud enabled learning, owing to its 24x7, any-time, anywhere availability and scalability, can prove to be a big boon for