Modi is "Incarnation of God" in this Country

Modi is "Incarnation of God" in this Country

"MODI IS INCARNATION OF GOD IN THIS COUNTRY" Says Senior Advocate Ram Jethmalani

The Advocate General Mr. Ram Jethmalani visited Chennai yesterday night and joined a Lions Club get-together in a 5-Star Hotel in Chennai.  Mr. Ram Jethmalani gave special interview for

Here comes the detailed interactive session with Mr. Ram Jethmalani

Q: Sir, What do you think about Election Commission's action on public by vigorous checking on vehicles?

A: I have not applied my mind deep into it but any way it is a good job, we should stop money power motivating in Election. I have a very good respect for Election Commission.

Q: What is your opinion on Indian's Black money in Switzerland?

A: Three days ago Supreme Court ordered to disclose the list of Indians having Black Money in Swizz Banks. People should note that most of them are Congressmen and their supporters. Why Supreme Court order not obeyed by the Govt. of India to recover Black Money from Switzerland? Why people don't protest against this?

Q: How much of Black Money does some of Indians have in Switzerland in your opinion?

A: There are almost 90 Lakh Crore rupees of Black Money. If it is recovered then India does not need money for next 30 years. If the same is distributed to people each one will get Rupees 3 Lakh.

Q: What you expect from people with regard to this Black Money in Switzerland?

A: People must throw out the corrupt persons and this Congress party is helping the persons who are holding Black Money. The politicians who do not fulfil what they say and the one who don't do good to public should be thrown out by Public.

Q: What do you expect from media with regard to this?

A: An American Newspaper says that Sonia Gandhi is richer than a queen of London. Why Indian Newspapers are not publicly disclosing these things boldly and bring to the knowledge of Public. One of the leading Swizz magazine reported list of 14 most notorious criminals of the world. Rajiv Gandhi was 12th person in that list. Why not these news are taken to public by Media?

Q: What do you expect fom Lions Club Members with regard to this?

A: Lions should roar against corruption in the Country.

Though I have been expelled from BJP, I have always support Narendra Modi and I can say Modi is the Incarnation of God in this Country.