LG Should Stop Behaving As BJP Spokesperson AAP

LG Should Stop Behaving As BJP Spokesperson AAP
LG Should Stop Behaving As BJP Spokesperson AAP

NEW DELHI: The AAP on Saturday said Lt Governor Najeeb Jung should stop behaving like a political spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) spokesperson Ashutosh hit out at Jung saying that he was hiding behind the Narendra Modi government to cover-up his “unconstitutional” and “illegal” actions.

The party’s reactions came after the LG office in a press statement on Friday said the Delhi cabinet’s appeal to dissolve the panel he has set up to probe some of its decisions was an attempt to divert attention from grave misdemeanours.

“Some misdemeanours are of the gravity that these matters are already in the process of being referred to the CBI for investigation,” Jung’s office said on Friday.

Ashutosh said the AAP government is working for the people and is not afraid of Jung’s machinery and falsehoods being spread by him.

“Jung should convey to his political masters (BJP) that the AAP and the Delhi government cannot be cowed down by the threat of using the caged parrot – the CBI — for political vendetta against us,” he said.

“The Modi government has unleashed all its agencies against the Delhi government but has failed to find any wrongdoing and it is welcome to continue its efforts in future also,” the AAP leader said in a press conference.

Targeting Jung, Ashutosh said it might be a matter of survival for the Lt Governor to intimidate the officials working for the Delhi government, but his actions are clearly unbecoming of the constitutional post held by him.

“Jung may be afraid that in case he does not dance to the tune of central government, then the files related to his highly dubious role in the Mukta-Panna oilfields contract may be reopened by the CBI,” he said.

He added that Jung was the then Joint Secretary in the Union Petroleum Ministry when the alleged irregularities were committed in the multi-million rupee Mukta-Panna oilfields contract.

He also asked the LG to answer why he was unable to state under which provision of the Constitution, law or rule he formed a three-member committee to examine the Delhi government files.

LG Should Stop Behaving As BJP Spokesperson AAP