Kuruvila Jacob Initiative for Promoting Excellence in School Ed

Kuruvila Jacob Initiative for Promoting Excellence in School Ed

Photo Caption: 'Dr. Venita Kaul addressing the teachers at Kuruvila Jacob 9Th Memorial Oration.'

Dr. Venita Kaul who was the Chief Guest, and who delivered the 9th Memorial Oration under the auspices of Kuruvila Jacob Initiative addressed over 300 teachers of various schools both private and corporation schools who had gathered at City Hotel, Chennai. Dr. Venita spoke about the Challenges of 21st Century. And touched on the few points given below, which according to her are the main challenges to education in India.

The present status at each stage of education?

The shift required in this 21st century?

The specific 21st century skills that children will need as adults for ‘Life, Learning and Livelihood’?

How should these be addressed in our curriculum at all stages – Some suggestive ideas and principles.

Dr. Venita Kaul spoke about

Preschool:  Most Aws are nutrition centers & PSE in hands of private sector. Rote learning of 3 R’s the mode play or developmentally of appropriate practice of rarely seen. 

Outcome: Children enter school not ready with conceptual or language foundation. And no second chance.

Secondary: 17% drop out, especially girls. Parallel tuition industry and exam driven teaching. Holistic education on the back burner.

Outcome: 99% marks but also Rote learning and weak higher order thinking and communication skills.

Higher: Only 25% enrolment. Inequitable standards  and inadequate preparation – eg. Plagiarism, Expression, Critical thinking etc. Curriculum not relevant to job  market.

Outcome: Graduates emerge unemployable.

Main Objective of the Kuruvila Jacob Initiative:

The basic objective of this initiative is to enhance the strategic and operational performance of schools in the process of imparting holistic education to students.

The initiative has 6 major teacher centric programmes to date

1. Education Excellence Cluster Programme

2. Model School Accreditation programme

3. Education Leadership Programme-Programme for Correspondents, Principals

4. Multimedia–Enhanced Elementary Science

5. ‘A Class Apart’ - Skill development and competency enhancement programme to

guide children with learning difficulties

6. ‘Mainstreaming Ecology and Environment into School Curriculum and Pedagogy’-

Programme for middle school teachers

7.’I Can make a difference ‘-Programme for middle and high school teachers

8.’English Evolution ‘–Programme for primary, middle and high school teachers

9.’Heart of the Matter’-Programme for teachers of Grade VIII to XII

The programmes of the Initiative are targeted at teachers and administrators of schools.


An outline of the Initiative’s activities

* Education Leadership Programmes- One year open learning Post-Graduate Diploma cum Training Programme for Management Representatives, Principals and senior teachers to provide the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for school Principals and Administrators to shape the future of the schools and the students therein - interactive, participatory and experiential learning process in three contact sessions distributed over twelve months, followed by practicum and portfolio. We are done with ten batches.

* ‘A Class Apart’–Certificate programme  designed for the&