SEPTEMBER, 2019, New Delhi: Kiehl’s Since 1851, the venerable New York-based purveyor of fine quality skin and hair care formulations, is proud to introduce Midnight Recovery Concentrate.  A powerful concentration, it was specifically formulated to biologically replicate skin’s natural lipids for optimal skin repair during the night.  This potent elixir is 99% naturally-derived and paraben-free.


During the day skin’s function is to protect itself against internal and external aggressors.  At night it needs to regenerate, repair and replenish what is has lost as a result of daily stresses.  Kiehl’s chemists developed a powerhouse blend of active botanical and essential oils that work all night to replenish lipids for a fresher and more radiant appearance by morning.  

After two years of research on the repair activity of essential and botanical oils, Kiehl’s developed this anhydrous (“water-free”) concentration of Squalane, night-blooming Evening Primrose and essential oils including therapeutic Lavender.  The formulation also contains Coriander and Rose Hip Seed Oils, which when combined, provides a complete blend of Omegas (Omega 3, 6 and 9).  Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids have a restructuring benefit which reinforces the cutaneous barrier, therefore keeping the epidermis hydrated. 


This formulation boosts the repair and regeneration of skin when it is naturally programmed to best absorb active ingredients, typically between Midnight to 4 a.m.  There are two main factors that contribute to this highly receptive period:


  • During the night, the skin’s metabolism of nutrition is at a maximum rate due to the circadian rhythm of the body.  Sometimes called the “Human Clock,” a circadian rhythm is roughly a 24-hour cycle in the biochemical, physiological or behavioral processes of living things.  Research done on the skin shows that it also has specific rhythms, which differ during the day and the night.  During the day, the skin is focusing on protection - the sebum secretion rate increases while the skin has a low metabolism.   At night skin is repairing itself from daily damage and activity reaches its maximum - the blood flow increases, the skin absorption of actives rate and cell turnover is at its peak.


  • While we sleep, the skin is most amenable to rejuvenation and recovery as there are few environmental stressors that detract from its healing process. 



  • Formulated to be used at night when skin is most receptive to recovery and repair
  • 99% naturally derived, Paraben-free formula
  • Visibly restores skin’s appearance by morning
  • Replenishes depleted skin
  • Instantly penetrates skin for smoother, more radiant complexion
  • Enriched with a blend of Omega 3, 6, 9
  • Recyclable glass bottle, dropper and plastic squeeze top



KEY INGREDIENTS – Powerful Blend of Essential and Botanical Oils:
Naturally cultivated, these oils are extracted from natural sources.  They are powerful skin regenerators and reinforce the lipid barrier, such as with Squalane, and fortify the cutaneous cement, such as with Evening Primrose, Coriander and Rose Seed Oils.


What are Essential Oils?

What are Botanical Oils?

An essential oil is a highly concentrated and volatile substance extracted from plants, which are called aromatic herbs or aromatic plants.  The term essential indicates that the oil carries the distinctive scent (essence) of the plant. Most commonly, the essence is extracted from the plant using a technique called steam distillation.


Botanical oils are oils obtained from plants that are fatty, dense and non-volatile.   These oils are extracted from the root, stem/bark, leaves, flowers, seeds or fruits of a particular plant, tree or shrub, usually cold pressed or extracted by heat.    Many contain proteins, minerals and vitamins.   


Essential Oils

Botanical Oils

Lavender Essential Oil

Helps to stimulate skin’s repair functions and improve skin tone creating a brighter more radiant look

  • Known to soothe inflamed or irritated skin
  • Known to reduce skin blotchiness for a more even look
  • Helps to relieve stress and maintain emotional balance


Rosemary Essential Oil

Helps to retain moisture, improve and brighten skin tone and relax the muscles. 


Geranium Essential Oil

A warming and purifying oil. Helps to detoxify and enhance circulation while balancing the skin’s oil production. 


Rose Essential Oil

Helps to improve skin-tone and to soften and condition the skin. Also combats environmental damage and helps to replenish skin oils.


A signature Kiehl’s ingredient, Squalane is a botanical lipid that is similar in molecular structure to natural skin lipids. It has an exceptional affinity to skin, and because it’s easily absorbed, Squalane helps restore skin’s natural moisture balance to keep it extra soft and supple.

  • Lightweight with excellent penetrating qualities
  • Non toxic, non-irritant, non allergen
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • High resistance to oxidation


Evening Primrose Oil
A flowering plant originally native to North America. It blooms every other year and its large, fragrant yellow flowers open at dusk and remain open throughout the night. 

  • Rich in Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids which the body cannot produce on its own
  • Known to maintain Hydration and Elasticity


Coriander and Rose Hip Seed Oil

  • Contains Omega 3,6 and 9 for their nourishing and regenerating properties



PriceRs. 2100/- (15 ml), Rs. 3650 (30ml)

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Kiehl's was founded as an old-world apothecary in New York's East Village neighborhood. Its unique, extensive background represents a blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal, and medicinal knowledge developed and advanced through the generations.