Indranil Rajguru challenges sitting Chief Minister of Gujarat

Indranil Rajguru challenges sitting Chief Minister of Gujarat

20th November, 2017: Rajkot: Shri Indranil Rajguru, the sitting MLA of Rajkot East, today filed his nomination as the Congress (I) candidate from Rajkot West Constituency (Gujarat Vidhan Sabha Constituency No 69). Congress Party has reposed full faith in the youth leader to fight the sitting BJP MLA and Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Vijay Rupani successfully. Shri Indranil Rajguru has chosen this constituency himself to display the level of disillusionment of the citizens of the constituency towards the ruling BJP government and its weak Chief Minister.

According to various surveys conducted by some independent agencies, Shri Indranil Rajguru is all set to successfully challenge BJP’s Rupani in these elections. In his five years as MLA of Rajkot (East) and even before while in Municipal Corporation or otherwise, Shri Rajguru has had the welfare of Rajkot City close to his heart. He has repeatedly raised issues of the city like Deteriorating Law & Order situation, High Unemployment rates, Rising Inflation, High Fees being charged by Education Institutions, Breakdown of local Healthcare System, no New Industrial Area for the city, no further work on new Rajkot airport, flooding of underbridge, inadequate Dams, etc. And, most of the city’s citizens feel that if he is their representative he will continue to raise their issues in Vidhan Sabha and bring much needed relief to Rajkot and its citizens. 

He has continuously challenged Shri Vijay Rupani to an open debate with him. He has said that despite having elected two Chief Ministers in recent past, including the present Prime Minister Mr Modi and current CM Mr Rupani, Rajkot West has suffered more neglect than any other city in Gujarat. Shri Indranil Rajguru, the Congress (I) candidate from Rajkot West, says, “In the last 32 years of continued patronage of BJP by this constituency and in sharp contrast to Ahmedabad, Surat and Baroda, this city has practically been devoid of any big developmental programme. Roads, Parks and such small cosmetic beautification are in no way real development. Starting of Industrial Areas or big governmental projects where employment along with business opportunities get created would be real development and on this count, Rajkot has been meted out with the worst step-motherly behaviour possible.”

“Congress has a proven track record in successfully controlling inflation, improving law and order while bringing policies to support industrial units and through it generation of employment, which we will continue to do when we come to power. I believe that with right ideas and insights for the citizens, we can make a positive impact to the city”, Shri Rajguru continued. It is clear that Mr Rajguru has some concrete ideas that would steer the city’s economy towards a conclusive, constructive and progressive future. His views and objectives have always been in line with Congress Party’s strategies which are feasible and sound.

He also pointed out that the BJP candidate and their campaigners are still harping on issues like Liquor ban, Cow slaughter ban, etc i.e. laws which were passed half a century back (changing the severity of punishment does not make them new laws) because they have run out of issues. If that was not all, false promises and pompous style of BJP leaders, who build castles in the air for the electorate while making speeches, will also backfire this time, since the electorate now remembers what happened to Dholera airport, huge promised Investment MOUs which never materialised, Lok Kalyan Mela (where huge amounts are spent on branding) and the poor receive paltry amounts.

Shri Rajguru has been aggressive in his campaign in the last few months, including a very successful Public Outreach Programme named ‘Coffee with Congress’. He had scaled up initiative as an effective tool to understand local Rajkot issues and find solutions to them. It started off as a small get-together of diverse people from the city discussing issues of concern of the city over coffee. To make sure the opinions expressed were devoid of any partisan biases, members of Congress party were not allowed to be part of these discussions. Each of these meetings had more than 100 participants with sizable number of youth and women participating with enthusiasm.

Shri Rajgur