Experience the King?s Meal at Ente Keralam

Experience the King?s Meal at Ente Keralam
Experience the King Meal at Ente Keralam

Chennai, 19th May, 2017: Ente Keralam, the fine-dining Kerala restaurant by Oriental Cuisines Pvt Ltd has come up with a king size meal at its outlet in Poes Garden, Chennai. The 6 course meal served with a wide selection of exquisite vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from Kerala is extremely nutritious and would give one a royal feeling.

Rajkeeyam or the royal lunch is served in a sequential manner according to the tradition followed by royal families since ancient times. The royal meal starts with a refreshing Keraleeyam, a luscious tender coconut based drink along with soup of the day, followed by vegetarian starters such as paripu vada, chena dry fry, banana flower cutlet and non vegetarian starters include squid fry, Trivandrum style kozhi porichathu. This is followed by delicious gravies such as prawn moilee, mutton stew, nadan chicken curry, Thalaserry fish curry, ullithiyal, kadala curry, veg stew, roast potato, vendakai mappas, Allepy veg curry.

Along with these gravies is served a variety of other dishes like Vegetarian biriyani, Chicken biriyani, Malabar porotta, Idiyappam, puttu, appam. Among rice one can select from ghee rice, red rice and white rice. All these are accompanied with delightful chutnies, pickles, papad and raita. And for dessert one can choose from Vanilla ice cream, fruit salad and payasam of the day followed by a glass of sulaimani tea for a better digestion.

The food served during the course is extremely delicious and healthy, which stimulates the taste buds and enhance your dining experience.

To make reservations please contact Poes Garden 76049 15091.

Key points:

Special Menu priced at

Vegetarian-  795 inclusive taxes

Non-vegetarian - 895 inclusive taxes

Available for Lunch and dinner


Restaurant timing

12pm - 3pm ; 7pm - 11pm

Experience the King Meal at Ente Keralam