Eat IT But Eat It Right! Tenets of SahiKhao ? India?s Largest C

Eat IT But Eat It Right! Tenets of SahiKhao ? India?s Largest C

Bengaluru, 22nd September, 2018: Fitterfly and Early Childhood Association (ECA) will reach out to 3 lakh children, their parents and teachers in Bengaluru with #SahiKhao, a national campaign for child nutrition that is aimed at improving children’s health by fostering healthy dietary habits. SahiKhao has been active in Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Hyderabad, Madhya Pradesh and is now coming to Karnataka.

Kick-starting the campaign for Karnataka on Saturday, Fitterfly CEO and Founder Arbinder Singal said the children in Karnataka, particularly those living in Bengaluru, needed special attention due to their sedentary lifestyle and poor eating choices.

“The situation is exposing our children to multiple health risks. They’re leading a precarious life unknown to themselves, their parents and teachers.  It’s very dangerous and we need to do something very urgently,” said Singal.

A recent national survey found that almost 30 per cent children in Bengaluru are under-developed, 26 per cent acutely malnourished, 11 per cent children below five years severely malnourished while 28 per cent are underweight.

According to Ms. Sheela Krishnaswamy, President, Indian Dietetics Association, the burden of triple burden nutrition, namely under nutrition, over nutrition and micro nutrient deficiency, is rampant among the country’s school-going children.

“This burden is causing obesity diabetes, cardiac ailments and other chronic issues.  They can adversely affect the growth and development of children and their cognitive performance.  Hence, we need national campaigns like #SahiKhao to create better awareness,” said Ms.Sheela.

Healthcare experts have repeatedly warned that India continue to consume either under-nutritious, over-nutritious food or food that is deficient in micronutrients.  As such, there is no comprehensive campaign that involves parents, teachers and children to address this issue.

“I’m glad #SahiKhao is filling this vacuum and taking off from schools. These days most campaigns we across tend to end with one big show. But, I find that #SahiKhao is making

inroads into various cities in the country through sustained efforts,” opined  Dr Swati Popat Vat, President of Early Childhood Association which has led the campaign along with Fitterfly into more than 1000 preschools and schools across India.

If the health indicators paint a disturbing picture about Bengaluru’s children, the overall scenario of child health in Karnataka is alarming. A recent report that came close on the heels of HUNGaMA found that over 1.2 million children in the state in 0-6 years age group to malnourished and underweight.

And, that is what takes Pritam Agarwal, Director of Hello Kids and a  Renowned Educationist by surprise.  “I can understand the overnutrition issue in Bengaluru city. But, the extent of undernutrition and malnourishment in Karnataka is astonishing.  This is despite the state being an economically vibrant,” he said.

Triple nutrition issue, meanwhile, only confirms inequality in the distribution of resources. “I’m certain campaigns like #SahiKhao will help change things and curb issues like obesity, anaemia and calcium deficiency,” exuded Dr Pratap Chandradsekhar, Senior Pediatrician at Motherhood Hospitals, Bengaluru

Pre-school and school periods are important phases in the overall health and development of children as they foster physical health, fitness and well-being.  “So, we’re happy to be part of this campaign because we know how important it is for our kids,” said MrSupriyoGuharoy, President of Indo-Asian group of educational institutes.

Fitterfly encourages parents and teachers to share school campaign pictures and healthy tiffin recipes and write blogs and post videos at #SahiKhao.  The bestschool campaign pictures and recipes will receive awards.

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