Dim Sum takes a centre stage at China Town

Dim Sum takes a centre stage at China Town
Dim Sum takes a centre stage at China Town

Steamed, Pan Fried and Irresistible Dim Sums on Wheels

Chennai, 13th August, 2014: China Town is hosting the renowned ‘Dim Sum festival’ at the Cathedral Road outlet till the 31st of August 2014. The elaborate, annual festival is announced open today, 13th August 2014 by China Town’s seasoned chef, Chef Lai Chee Chung, displaying a variety of specialties for vegetarians as well as meat-lovers.

This year Dim Sums take centre stage on a unique ‘Dim Sum on wheels’ trolley, wherein piping hot Chinese delicacies such as Momos, Shumais, Kothes, Paos are served on regular rounds navigating through the tables.

This particular traditional dish of China usually prepared in individual portions will be served in small steamer baskets. Guests are offered an assortment of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dim sums, served in the conventional manner.

Tenderloin celery and Chilli pao and chicken pao are some of the options for meat lovers while 8 treasure vegetable kothe and leeks, tofu and mushroom dim sum are some of the choices for vegetarian guests.

The highlight of the food festival is chocolate brownie dim sum and coconut cashew nut dim sum, exclusively prepared to infuse sweetness into the traditionally prepared dim sums.

For reservations and more information contact: 044 – 28112246/ 9367704039

Key information:

Restaurant Timing:

Lunch 12.00 to 3.00

Dinner 7.00 to 11.30

Average meal for two Rs.1000

Dim Sum takes a centre stage at China Town