Benjarong hosts Lanna Food Festival

Benjarong hosts Lanna Food Festival
Benjarong hosts Lanna Food Festival

Celebrate the rich culinary tradition of Thailand with Benjarong's Lanna Food Festival

Chennai, 3rd February, 2017: Benjarong, the favourite destination for Thai food lovers in Chennai is all set to narrate the ancient tales of Lanna by hosting the ‘Lanna food festival’ at its outlet in TTK Road. The festival can be relished by one and all from the 3rd till the 18th of February.

Lanna cuisine is indigenous to the picturesque Chiang Mai region in Northern Thailand. The word Lanna means ‘million rice fields’ which depicts the rich agricultural history of the region.  This festival which is endemic to the Lanna Kingdom is characterized by the abundance of flavors and influences.

The region surrounded by the mountainous terrain has allowed its cuisines to develop uniquely with local ingredients, having sticky rice and jackfruit as the staple foods.

Benjarong has designed the Lanna menu exclusively for this occasion by introducing a wide range of lip-smacking appetizers, mocktails, soups, salads, main courses and desserts. They are featuring a variety of mocktails from the tropical land, such as Lychee Mojito, Chiang Mai Punch, Benjarong iced coffee along with mouth-watering appetizers like Aep Goong (succulent prawns delicately marinated and wrapped in banana leaves and grilled in Lanna style; served with crunchy corn salad), Gai Yang Som Tam (chicken marinated with spicy red curry paste, grilled and served with raw papaya salad) and many more.

To kick-start your meal, the restaurant is offering relishing soups and salads like Som Tam Fa-Rang (Chiang Mai’s original spicy guava salad with prawns and cashew nuts), Yum Saikrok Hua Bli (smoked and spicy chicken sausage salad with crunchy banana blossom) and several more. The authentic Laana menu also includes the traditional main courses like Goong Normai Farang Pahd Namprik Noom (Succulent Prawns Tossed with Asparagus in Roasted Lanna Green Chilli Paste), Hed Tohu Khanun Pahd Bai Graprou (Assorted Mushroom, Beancurd And long beans In Chilli And Hot Basil Sauce) and other scrumptious delicacies made of rice and noodles. Gastronomes are sure to be gratified by Benjarong’s handcrafted desserts like Khanun Delight (stewed jackfruit), Khao Niew Lum Yai (sweetened sticky rice with longans and mango ice cream), etc.

Benjarong is located at No.146 TTK Road, Chennai. Reservations for the Festival can be made at 76049 15094 / 044 24322640

Key information:

Restaurant Timing: Lunch

12:00 PM – 3:00 PM  


7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Average meal for two

1500 – 1800 + taxes

Benjarong hosts Lanna Food Festival