Awadhi Food Festival at Anise

Awadhi Food Festival at Anise

Awadhi Food Festival at Anise, Taj Coromandel

Anise, the contemporary all-day dining restaurant at Taj Coromandel presents the exotic Awadhi Food Festival from March 14 to 23, 2014. For nine days, Chef Salman and Chef Irshad Qureshi from Lucknow will treat diners to fine kebabs, biryanis and curries prepared in authentic Awadhi cuisine style, celebrating the charm of a bygone princely era.

The non-vegetarians can choose from Shahi Galavat Kebab (a mouth melting lamb kebab infused with aromatic & Digestive spices, specially created for the Nawabs of Lucknow), Banno Murgh Kebab (boneless spiced chicken flavored with fenugreek and char-grilled, with an egg coating) and Tawa Machali Nizami (Fish fillet marinated with mustard & whole spices & grilled on a tawa).

The Vegetarian kebabs include Khoya Khubani Kebab (a vegetable steak stuffed with apricot & khoya), Nawabi Paneer Tikka (chunks of paneer marinated in yoghurt & cheese & flavoured with saffron & aromats) and Subz Ki Galawat (a soft & delicate kebab of garden vegetables, lentils & aromats cooked on a griddle). The Shorbas include Yakhni Shorba (reduced lamb stock flavoured with whole spices and coriander) and Zarad Adrak ka Shorba (an extract of mixed lentils & mountain ginger).

The Handi aur Lagan Ke Khaane includes delicious Jhinge ka salan (fresh prawns shallow fried & finished in Awadhi salan gravy), Mahi Dum Anari (juicy chunks of fish, marinated & cooked in onion based gravy & pomegranate juice), Lagan ka Murgh (succulent chicken pieces simmered in rich gravy and finished on dum), Quaser-e-pukhtan (a traditional preparation of cottage cheese with pumpkin & saffron gravy), Dabi arbi ka salan (shallow fried arbi cooked in a thin aromatic curry) and Kesaria Gobhi (florets of cauliflower flavoured with saffron & ginger).

The Biryanis include Gosht Dum Biryani (a classical culled from the heritage menu of the Nawabs of Lucknow served with Burrani Raita) and Subz Yakhni Biryani (Rice cooked in a rich vegetable stock, Vegetables & flavoured with whole spices).

Round off the meal with desserts like Shahi Tukra (golden fried bread, soaked in saffron milk & topped with reduced milk & garnished with nuts), Phirni (a rice & milk pudding flavoured with cardamom), and Sheer Korma (Vermicelli & nuts cooked in milk).

Indulge in the rich taste and delicate flavours of Awadhi cuisine at Anise!

March 14 - 23 | Lunch and Dinner | INR 1250 plus tax onwards per person

For more details and reservations call 6600 2827