AGP brings comedy play 'Battle of Da Sexes' to Chennai

AGP brings comedy play 'Battle of Da Sexes' to Chennai
AGP brings comedy play Battle of Da Sexes to Chennai

Ashvin Gidwani Productions Brings Vir Das’ Play ‘Battle of Da Sexes’ to Chennai for the First Time Ever

Mumbai, December 17, 2014: There’s always a first time for everything and Vir Das’ play ‘Battle of Da Sexes’ will be showcasing its first play in Chennai this month. This time, Chennai will have a chance to see the popularity of this hilarious Ashvin Gidwani Productions show at the Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall on Sunday December 21, 2014. The show will be held as part of charity for NGO ‘Madras Metro Ladies Circle 70’ to aid under privileged children by building schools for them.

This Ashvin Gidwani Productions play is the talk of the town wherever it’s being staged. Speaking about this initiative Ashvin Gidwani, MD & Producer, Ashvin Gidwani Productions (AGP), says, “Battle of Da Sexes is one of our most loved shows.

This time we are doing a charity show to help underprivileged kids in Chennai. We wanted to do something special for these young kids and by providing schools for them we want to give them a better future. I am really looking forward to this show and we hope that the dreams of these children are fulfilled. What better than ending the year with a good deed?”

Speaking about the show the Chairman of Madras Metro Ladies Circle 70 said, “It gives me immense pleasure to have Vir Das doing a show in Chennai. I thoroughly enjoyed executing show of this scale. The funds raised with this show are going to be spent for building classrooms for underprivileged children which gives me and my Ladies Circle a great sense of Satisfaction.

Our sponsors have been very supportive to raise money for such a noble cause. I am sure Chennai is going to roll in laughter with his humour. I thank Mr Ashvin also for making this happen. May the battle begin!!!”

Vir Das’ stand up comedy play ‘Battle of Da Sexes’ pits men against women in a series of hilarious ways taking the audience on a memorable journey. The play ends with the announcement of the winning side but that does not mean anyone is spared from the antics of Vir Das.

The donations will go towards Madras Metro Ladies Circle 70’s projects and Community Services for the Under Priviledged children of the society. The evening promises to be entertain the audience with huge doses of unadulterated laughter and Vir Das’ classic humorous style.

‘Battle of Da Sexes’ will be staged on Sunday, December 21, 2014 at Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall at 7:00pm. Tickets are available online at

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AGP brings comedy play Battle of Da Sexes to Chennai