Vidyu Raman (insta @vidyuraman) & Sanjay Watwani (insta @lowcarb.india) 

Vidyu Raman (insta @vidyuraman) & Sanjay Watwani (insta @lowcarb.india) 
Vidyu Raman (insta @vidyuraman) & Sanjay Watwani (insta @lowcarb.india) 
Vidyu Raman (insta @vidyuraman) & Sanjay Watwani (insta @lowcarb.india) 
Vidyu Raman (insta @vidyuraman) & Sanjay Watwani (insta @lowcarb.india) 
Vidyu Raman (insta @vidyuraman) & Sanjay Watwani (insta @lowcarb.india) 
Vidyu Raman (insta @vidyuraman) & Sanjay Watwani (insta @lowcarb.india) 
Vidyu Raman (insta @vidyuraman) & Sanjay Watwani (insta @lowcarb.india) 

Vidyu Raman (insta @vidyuraman) & Sanjay Watwani (insta @lowcarb.india) 

When and where did you get married ?
We got married on 9th September at a popular 5star resort in ECR Chennai.  We had two weddings in two different styles - traditional Tamil style during the day and a beach front Sindhi style in the evening followed by reception. 

How did you meet ? 
We matched on a dating app called Bumble on March 10th 2019. We met a week later in person. Sanjay wasn't aware of Vidyus work, we have mutual friends and a lot of common interests. We have been talking with each other ever since.

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Why did Vidyu join a dating app ?
Vidyu couldn’t find a partner using traditional methods due to her hectic schedule, she joined Bumble after her friends recommended it. She was only on bumble and no other dating app. 

Weren’t you married last year ?
There’s a lot of confusion regarding this, we had our Roka ceremony last year in August 2020. Its a pre-engagement ceremony done by Sindhis and Punjabis (Since Sanjay is a Sindhi). 

How were the wedding preparations during the pandemic ?
It was very frustrating as our wedding date kept getting pushed twice due to the pandemic and lockdown restrictions making it difficult to go shopping and get vendors easily. We finally decided to get married when the cases dropped after the second wave.

How was it like having a pandemic wedding ? 
We were hoping for a mask free wedding but clearly that was not possible. It was an intimate affair with just our near and dear ones by our side. Happy to inform that all safety protocols were followed and we have zero Covid positive cases after our wedding.

Were Celebrities called for the wedding ?
In the light of the pandemic and the rule / limit on invitees. It was restricted to just family and close friends.

Is Vidyu going to stop working after marriage ?
Sanjay and both the families are extremely supportive of Vidyus career. She will continue acting and will have a debut as a lead actor shortly.

Plans after the wedding ?
Currently we are honeymooning in Maldives and enjoying the relaxing time here. Plan is to get back to shooting my films after our break and Sanjay will get back to his keto ice cream and diet food business (Keto Chennai) after our holiday as well.

What does Sanjay and his family do ? 
Sanjay is a food entrepreneur that specializes in low carb / sugar free desserts called Keto Chennai. He will be expanding his range and locations soon. His family comes from a garment export background that had over four decades of experience operating from Tamil Nadu. They live in Chennai.

Were the families ok with an intercultural wedding ? 
Yes, both families were extremely supportive. Both our parents were a love marriage, so they appreciated our decision to opt for love and compatibility over an arranged wedding. Both the Ramans and Watwanis have had intercultural weddings in the past.