Yatchan Movie Review

Yatchan Movie Review
Yatchan Movie Review

Cast: Arya, Kreshna, Kishore, Deepa Sannidhi, Swati Reddy

Director: Vishnuvardhan

Music Composer: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography: Om Prakash

Editor: Sreekar Prasad

The story is about the lives of two young men from two different towns in Tamil Nadu get intertwined when they both land up in Chennai. Arya (Chinna) is a die hard fan of Ajith who risks his own life by performing the traditional 'milk abishekha' to huge cut outs of the actor whenever the star's movie hit the silver screen.

But he is forced to quit his home town because of certain predicaments and hence makes his way into Chennai. In a parallel narration, Kreshna's (Karthik) life gets showcased. He is an aspiring actor who wants to make it big in the Tamil film industry and decides to visit Chennai to pursue his dream.

While Arya has to deal with his own problems even in Chennai, he accidentally fills Kreshna's shoes, which comes across as a cinematic twist.

Does Arya embrace his new found life which might leave Kreshna permanently in the soup, or does he get back to his own life? Who is Deepa Sannidhi and what does she has to do with the film's main antagonist, played by Adil Hussain?

These questions are answered with loads of comedy and also the core plot of the movie makes it look like a thriller.

Arya is a treat to watch as he comes up with one of his best performances. Actor Kreshna’s performance looks decent and he is suited for that role. Both Swathi Reddy and Deepa Sannadhi do have a decisive role to play. Others like Adil Hussain, Thambi Ramaiah and Kishore did best in this movie.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s tunes are fresh, peppy and enjoyable. It’s easily hummable and very likely to linger in your memory for a while. Subha’s dialogue is a plus to the film.

Likewise Sreekar Prasad’s editing makes you feel that the film doesn’t have a sappy moment at all. Om Prakash’s work is not just restricted with angles here, he has given a different color tone for Arya and Vishnu and still makes it look consistent.

Yatchan Movie Review