Uttama Villain Movie Review

Uttama Villain Movie Review

Cast: Kamal Haasan, Urvashi, K. Balachander, Andrea Jeremiah, Pooja Kumar, Parvathy Nair

Director: Ramesh Aravind

Music Composer: M. Ghibran

Cinematographer: Shamdat

Editor: Vijay Shankar

UttamaVillain‬ - This could well be one of the most difficult movies to put all your thoughts together about it and pen it down… There is nothing much different what I Could say after watching this movie that many others haven’t. What I write here is entirely my point of view while many others while have an exact opposite viewpoint on UttamaVillain….

But I’m least bothered about people who can’t appreciate a film that excels in many departments and are only concerned about a film being entertaining or commercial. Well that sums up what I thought about the movie… (sorry about the length of this post smile emoticon ) I LOVED UTTAMAVILLAIN!!! Give and take a few things that could have been better or added to the film, this film is definitely a Masterpiece and who could do that ?? Only a Master could - ‪#‎Kamalhassan‬ does it…

This movie is about the life of a Superstar Manoranjan, while we might have seen numerous movies about film stars, this one shows the other side of a famed film star and surprisingly in a very emotional way. There has not been many movies in the recent past which has taken emotion as a major content because there has not been many takers but UttamaVillain scores in emotional content that many others failed to exploit and win. That is the success of a film according to me.

Technically, the movie is very good right from Art direction, Editing, Cinematography to Music and Sound design and what not. I felt ‪‎Ghibran‬ for his age and experience has excelled in a way that many others even experienced ones could have found it difficult to handle. No doubt he was an handpicked student of Hans Zimmer!!! Writing of the film is by Ulaganayagan himself. His mastery over the language with his nuances and witty dialogues can felt all over in the Uttaman (8th Century) sequence and his emotional writing and his naughtiness in the same is evident in the Manoranjan portions.

Coming to performances, almost every cast member in the movie is a favourite of Kamal Haasan and you will know why when you watch this. Very good performance from ‪ParvathyMenon‬, small but substantial character for ‪‎Jayaram‬, a subtle ‪Andrea‬, a little overdoing by ‪‎PoojaKumar‬ and other small characters… ‪Urvasi‬ is the movie for no better reason than being the best female cast in the entire movie and as a doting wife, she scores brilliantly… ‪K.Vishwanath‬, an ace director is no surprise showcasing his acting thats as natural as in real life.

The Mutharasan character could not have been played by any other actor other than ‪Nasser‬ himself. Amongst such personal turmoil, if a person could pull out a character that is made of just humour, hats off to him. Many would say that's his job, but not many coy have done that with such a personal tragedy. He has pulled off the character with such ease that it looks like it was written just for him. Another brilliant performance in the movie is by ‪MSBhaskar‬ which could well turn out to be the character of his lifetime as Chokku Chettiar, Manoranjan’s loyal manager.

When it comes to the ‪‎Iyakunar Sigaram‬, he steals the show by showcasing just his real life in the movie. The first scene between KB and Kamal is one to watch out for ‪K.Balachander‬. He just leaves you wanting for more of him… A perfect tribute to a Guru from a Shishyan.

Kamal Haasan – Rivetting performance, brilliant dialogues, witty writing and what not… He is the heart and soul of this movie. This could have been a difficult movie to bring on screen from paper and he has done it. There are instances in this movie where you will shed tears, smile softly, give a hearty laugh, feel happy, feel sorry, feel sad and also feel “Cha, ivarala mattumthaanya ipidi nadika mudiyum”. All these are only because of KAMAL HAASAN… That proves what the movie is for him.

The Manoranjan portion is more of an autobiography (not e