Sigaram Thodu Movie Review

Sigaram Thodu Movie Review
Sigaram Thodu Movie Review

Cast: Vikram Prabhu, Monal Gajjar, Sathyaraj

Director: Gaurav

Music Director: D. Imman

Cinematographer: Vijay Ulaganath

Editor: Praveen K.L.

The main theme of "Sigaram Thodu" is about credit card/debit card forgery, deals with a father-son relationship, and love track between Monal Gajjar and Vikram Prabhu. The story revolves around the dream of a father to make his son a police officer and how the son reacts to the dream with few twists in the screenplay.

Director Gaurav has chosen a script that warrants a lot of intelligence both in the screenplay and in the crime techniques associated, around which the movie travels.

Vikram Prabhu’s appearance as a police officer is justifying and the actor seems to be making it a point to choose the scripts that matches his physical appearance aptly. Sathyaraj is respectful as a sincere police officer. Murali Pandian, a carefree son of a dedicated ex-police inspector Chellappa who got injured during a protest.

The incident which scarred his father’s life forever makes him hate the job. Whereas his father aspires, that his son become an award-winning police officer. There is an ongoing crime scenario involving credit card fraud in the city.

A blockbuster film is formed when these two plots collide. Whether Murali Pandian fulfils his father's dream or will he pursue his own dreams should be seen on-screen. Vikram Prabhu as a cop does justice to his action sequences and physique. But he could have created a bolder character by using a more commanding voice. Sathyraj portrays a very sincere ex-cop who motivates his son to join the police department. Imaan deserves a pat for the background score.

Among the songs, Takku Takku is the one that sticks in your head even after the film is over. Director Gaurav has succeeded in making a clean and engaging thriller, that has its share of commercial compromises. The director has done his research work well during the pre-production stage and it is evident in the detailing in the screenplay.

Cinematography angles are different from the usual prototype and it gives a new color to the film. Editing by Praveen KL is a big boost for the film, man the cuts are sharp and stylish which gives racy feel to the film.

Sigaram Thodu Movie Review