Onbadhula Guru Movie Review

Onbadhula Guru Movie Review

Cast: Vinay, Lakshmi Rai, Premgi Amaren, Aravind Akash, Sathyan

Direction: P T Selvakumar


It is a tale about a quartet, with interesting names – Billa (Vinay), Kochadaiyaan (Aravind Akash), Guru (Charms), Ranga (Sathyan). They are fed up with their wives and decide to take a break and head for a holiday with plans to live a bachelors life. They set off to Bangalore where they meet Charles (Premji Amaren), an old friend, who is in a very good position now.

They keep going with the help of him. Turing point comes when they bump into glamorous Sanjana (Lakshmi Rai). All the four fall for her and fight with each other to get her. But Sanjana has other plans. She pretends to be a close friend to all of them but has a hidden agenda. What happens and how they go about things subsequently forms the rest of the story.

Script Analysis:

Actor Vijay’s former PRO P T Selvakumar, who is making a debut as a film-maker with Onbadhula Guru has chosen the safe path of comedy, so to say.. The jokes may not be too convincing at places but the director does achieve what he started out to achieve: to deliver a light-hearted movie.

The story-line is wafer-thin and if one is ready to keep logic out of the expectations, then there is some slapstick to be enjoyed. The major problem with the script is that it has no originality. It borrows everything (diologues, BGM, scenes etc.) from other movies. The dialogues are very sleazy.


The movie takes too much for granted in terms of logic and reasoning. Lack of finesse and originality makes the movie a below average fare. Its more irritating than making you laugh