Maya Movie Review

Maya Movie Review
Maya Movie Review

Cast: Nayantara, Aari, Robo Shankar, Mime Gopi

Director: Ashwin Saravanan

Music Composer: Ron Ethan Yohaan

Cinematography: Sathyan Sooryan

Editor: T. S. Suresh

Vasanth (Aari) paints for a horror series in print, and he is carried away by the upcoming episode. At midnight, Vasanth's friend, Kamal is intrigued to call out to the spirit, which the writer had prohibited his audience from following.

Since the episode they are working on is based on a book which claims that the story of a certain Maya Matthews is true, Aari and his friend dwell deep into the story, hoping that the subject they are handling is nothing more than a mere fiction.

Although this ends in a surprise, they are not prepared for what follows. After trashing all the signs based on science, he is in for a rude shock when he spots a woman jumping off the terrace of a building, just like how the prime character, Maya did. Further, his own friend dies in the same manner, after having visited the mysterious Mayavanam.

Adding to all the mess is his Ram (Amzath), Vasanth's boss and also the husband of Vasanth's ex lover. Apsara (Nayanthara), on the other hand is a struggling actress, a single mother with a lot of debts and a toddler to handle.

There is a common thread that links the lives of these two - the lore of Maya's, that she haunts to claim her baby, who was separated from her, at the mental asylum. Will the spirit of dead Maya claim her baby back? See the rest on the big screen.

Nayanthara has proved again as a performer. There is not one frame in which we see her stepping out of her character. Aari, Mime Gopi Robo Shankar and Amzath Khan reassure the audience of their capability as actors.

Debutant director Ashwin Saravanan has managed to do that pretty convincingly. Ron Ethan Yohan understands his role well as the music director and plays the key role in giving a fulfilling experience. Cuts handled well by TS Suresh, make Maya stands as a gutsy watch. Cinematographer Sathyan Sooriyan wins the race though the other technicians.

Maya Movie Review