Jigina Movie Review

Jigina Movie Review
Jigina Movie Review

Cast: Vijay Vasanth, Sanyathara, Ashwin Raja

Director: Ravi Nanda Periyasamy

Music Composer: John Peter

Cinematography: Balaji v.Ranga

Editor: Gopi Krishna


Vijay Vasanth (Paavadai Saamy) is a call taxi driver and he is longing for a chance to chat with young girls. As per the guidance of his IT industry clients, Vijay Vasanth creates a fake profile in the name of a photographer, Kishore Kumar whom he met accidentally.

To his luck, Vijay Vasanth starts chatting with a good looking Angel Priya (Saneya Tara) on Facebook and eventually falls in love with her.

But later we are shown that another girl named Karugamani who works as a maid in Angel Priya’s house impersonates her on Facebook and she is the one who chats with Paavadai.

What happens next? What does he want and what are the consequences of creating a fake profile in Facebook? How Vijay Vasanth overcomes the problem. All these questions are answered in Jigina which turns out to be a bit preachy and melodramatic.

Vijay Vasanth has played his portions well and Saniya Tara looks simple and beautiful. She does her best though the movie Jigina. Director Ravi Nanda Periyasamy’s idea of making a film on a topical subject must be lauded.

John Peter's BGM supports the film well. A couple of songs though have come out really well and achieves in making your foot tap. Cinematography is good as it has contributed to the overall feel of the film.

One thing that needs appreciation is the basic story of Jigina that deals with the issues involving Facebook. Jigina, can be watched only for the strong message and some interesting moments.

Jigina Movie Review