Isai Movie Review

Isai Movie Review
Isai Movie Review

Cast: S. J. Surya, Sathyaraj, Savithri

Director: S. J. Surya

Music Composer: S. J. Surya

Cinematographer: Soundararajan

Editer: K. M. Riyas

S. J. Surya stars himself in the lead role with debutant Savithri, while Surya also composes the film's music score. This film, which is touted to be of a new genre musical-thriller. Sathya raj is well known expert in old fashioned music director in the film industry. Sathyaraj who loves his works and he want to be greatest musician.

S.J. Surya works as an assistant director for sathyaraj, gets a chance to prove his ability in composing a music for a film. when he asks a chance for composing a music, Sathyaraj doesn’t oppose the idea’s of Surya as he wouldn't imagined him as music director but he knows that one day S.J Surya will become a music director in film industry.

Inbetween S.J Surya began to work with new technique with the help of new softwares, in order to attract the audience with his new techniques of music. The songs which he composed rocks the people and attracts the audience. The film has success with music which he scored music. Finally he overcomes Sathyaraj in Music.

S J Surya becomes the number one music director and will be the competitor for Sathya raj and he himself builds own studio for composing music. In the mean while he falls in love with Sulagna Panirahi and he marries her. Later on, Sathya raj takes revenge on S J Surya, and who won the best music director in the film industry is rest of the story.

Sathyaraj needs no more acclaims, he is a genius in his own way and his wits are still much alive and loved. His combination with Kanja Karuppu will be talked about. Suryah cavorts around the screen in the first half and pulls out the pure actor in him post interval. His dialogues and antics are enjoyable in most parts. The musician in SJ Suryah has done well in terms of songs and background scores.

Isai Movie Review